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  • CAIRO (Reuters) - Qatar has asked seven senior figures from Egypt's outlawed Muslim Brotherhood to leave the country .

  • A Kurdish commander on the ground said Islamic State had advanced to within 15 km (9 miles) of Kobani, whose strategic location has been blocking the radical Sunni Muslim militants .

  • Díaz insiste en la idea de que "no se entiende Cataluña sin España, ni España sin Cataluña" y recuerda que hay que cumplir las leyes porque "el arrebato no puede imponerse al sentido común".

  • The picture of the Mufti of Jerusalem with Adolf Hitler is a clear historic document that links the ideology of Nazism with the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • and support from disaffected Sunni Muslims.

  • The White House has said Obama has the authority he needs to take action against the Sunni Muslim group, which is seeking to establish an Islamic state and has taken over huge swathes of land in Iraq and Syria.

  • No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL's victims have been Muslim.

  • A new study by scientists at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute shows how two species of fiddler crab change behavior to maintain reproductive .

  • “Seeing Jesus in Toast: Neural and Behavioral Correlates of Face Pareidolia,” Psicología .

  • Algunas cosas que ha dicho: - El mundo no es totalmente abierto .