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  • The dollar fell after data showed U.

  • "But the implied volatility on the dollar/yen has fallen today after recent rises, which suggests some people are already starting to take profits (on dollar/yen calls).

  • BK ASSET MANAGEMENT - For the third consecutive trading day, USD/JPY rose to fresh multi-year highs against the U.

  • "I am happy today, risk is back on, everybody is happy today," said .

  • Still today’s data indicates that the RBA is unlikely to change .

  • The dollar gained worldwide on Tuesday after a research document .

  • "For there to be a full payment solution there needs to be not only an NFC radio but also a secure element chip, which obviously increases the dollar content opportunity .

  • Con todo, Argentina sumó un triunfo el pasado martes 9 de septiembre sobre la hegemonía del dólar y las Cortes de Nueva York .

  • Additionally, lower interest rates on dollar-denominated loans are providing consumers with .

  • U.