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  • Honduran Air Force Helicopters Fight 'Criminal' Wildfire in El Hatillo

  • War Thunder - Modern Tanks (T-90A & MI-35 - Red Army IX Tier Gameplay)

    Trying the new temporal game mode on WarThunder with modern tanks and helicopter. In this case, the russian vehicles include the T-90A heavy tank and the MI-35 helicopter.

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  • Ghost Recon Wildlands - Open Beta gameplay #2

    A failed attempt to capture a helicopter with medical supplies, and night sniping! Finally another failed combat, as you will see :v

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  • Army Moves (Amstrad) [Dinamic]

    If you liked the video, check the full version at our Youtube channel:

    Army Moves is a scrolling shooter game developed by Dinamic Software in 1987. It is the first chapter of the Moves Trilogy and it was followed by Navy Moves in 1987 and Arctic Moves in 1995.

    The game contains seven levels that are divided in two main sections. The first four levels make up the first section, where the player has to drive an army unit (jeep or helicopter) through a terrain, steering clear of hostile vehicles.

    In the last three levels that comprise the second main section, we play as a soldier who shoots enemies along his way. In level 5 the soldier must jump from rock to rock in a river, shooting hostile birds. Thereafter, the soldier makes his way into the enemy headquarters with the goal of retrieving secret documents.

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  • Massive Waterspouts Form Off Australia Coast - Trombas Marinas Costa Australiana

    Four massive waterspouts -- tornadoes formed over water -- were captured on film off Australian's coast on Monday 30th May.

    According to CBS News, the rare phenomena were spotted off the New South Wales coast as extreme weather hammered down on other parts of the region. The aerial videos seen below were filmed from a helicopter by Australia's Channel 7, which claimed that they reached heights of nearly 2,000 feet.

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  • DiFilm - Expedition to the North Pole 1968

    Expedition to the North Pole. Closeups of a helicopter in flight and Antarctic terrain. Close-ups of a snow tractor pulling several wagons with supplies. Close-up of a man driving a snowmobile and dragging a sled with supplies. Close-up of a pack of penguins. General views of the tents erected in the camp. Close-up of a man throwing a zonda globe to study the weather. General views of a group of men watching a map. Close-ups of two scientists taking samples and collect some rocks for study. General views of men eating at camp. (Image no sound)

    Expedición al Polo Norte. Primeros planos de un helicóptero en vuelo y el terreno antártico. Primeros planos de un tractor de nieve arrastrando varios carretones con suministros. Primeros planos de un hombre manejando una moto de nieve y arrastrando un trineo con suministro. Primeros planos de una jauría de pinguinos. Vistas generales de las carpas levantadas en el campamento. Primeros planos de un hombre lanzando un globo zonda para estudiar el clima. Vistas generales de un grupo de hombres observando un mapa. Primeros planos de dos científicos tomando algunas muestras y recogen rocas para estudio. Vistas generales de los hombres comiendo en el campamento. (Sin sonido)
    Fecha: 1968
    Duración: 1 minuto 11 segundos
    Código del film: B-19579

    Copyright Archivo DiFilm - Consultas por material de archivo -
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  • GTA V - Police Mod / Policía

    [ENG]This is the first police mod ever made for GTA V-PC. We can be a cop, spawn more ally cops (like bodyguards), police cars, request backup and deploy objects (barriers and cones). We can still get wanted level, but normal cops won't attack and chase us (but SWAT and helicopter will do!).
    -Download Link:
    [ESP]Este es el primer mod creado para GTA V que nos permite jugar como policías, hacer aparecer más policías aliados (como guardaespaldas), coches de policía, pedir refuerzos y hacer aparecer objetos (barreras y conos). Podemos seguir teniendo nivel de búsqueda, pero la policía no nos atacará ni seguirá (excepto los SWAT y helicópteros).

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  • DiFilm - Reporter on demonstration in Chicago 1969

    USA .: Reporter on demonstration in the city of Chicago. First up shots taken from a helicopter in flight where a building is observed. General views of people in a demonstration outside a building. Closeups of a poster where we can read: "Napalm in Vietnam mace in Chicago." General views of a squad of enlisted soldiers to go to Vietnam. General views of many people doing a demonstration in front of a building and break the glass of a window. (Image no sound)

    EE.UU.: Reporter sobre manifestación en la ciudad de Chicago. Primeros planos cortos tomados desde un helicóptero en vuelo, donde se observa un edificio. Vistas generales de una manifestación de gente frente a un edificio. Primeros planos de un cartel donde se observa escrito: "Napalm in Vietnam mace in Chicago". Vistas generales de un escuadrón de soldados alistados para partir a Vietnam. Vistas generales de numerosas personas realizando una manifestación frente a un edificio y rompen los vidrios de un ventanal. (Día-Noche/Sonido ambiente)
    Fecha: 1969
    Duración: 54 segundos
    Código del film: A-25549

    Copyright Archivo DiFilm - Consultas por material de archivo -
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  • GTA V - Hardcore Police Chasing & Blood Floor Mods (more cops on chasing / más policía en persecución)

    [ENG]This mod will spawn more cops and SWAT when the player is wanted. This is not a script, it's a modification on "dispatch.meta" file, contained on /update/update.rpf/common/data. Thanks to OpenIV, we can now mod the game RPF files, like this one.

    I made 3 versions of this: all of them will spawn the same quantity of land cops, but one won't spawn helicopters, other will spawn the helicopters the game spawns natively, and the third will spawn the double or triple quantity of helicopters.

    -Download link:
    -Imgur album:

    [ESP]Esta modificación para GTA5 hace aparecer más policías y SWAT cuando nos buscan. No es un script, es una modificación del archivo "dispatch.meta", que está empaquetado en /update/update.rpf/common/data. Gracias a OpenIV, ahora podemos modificar los archivos contenidos en los RPF del juego, como este.

    Hice 3 versiones de esta modificación: aunque todas hacen aparecer la misma cantidad de policías terrestres (es decir, una cantidad aumentada respecto a la original, pero igual en las 3 versiones que subí), la primera opción desactiva los helicópteros, la segunda los activa con las mismas cantidades que en el juego originalmente, y la tercera, duplica y triplica los helicópteros.

    -Más imágenes en este album de Imgur:

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  • GTA V - Bodyguard Squads Mod (First Alpha version)

    [ENG]On this video, i show how it works a cool project made by
    Eddlm. It's called Bodyguard Squads, and features the creation of up to 2 ally squads, that we can spawn, use and control anytime.
    The best part is the control: we can send the squad members (4 members per squad) to wherever we want; we also can request them to enter a vehicle, drive to a place or follow (guard) other vehicle, so they can follow us on a vehicle to give protection. And with vehicles we talk of helicopters too, and if those helicopters have got weapons on them, the squads AI members can shoot them, giving us real air support! BTW, each squad acts independently, so we can send different orders to each squad. One squad can be on a helicopter giving us air support, while other squad is following us on land.
    At this time, the Alpha version can't let us do more things, and the squad members are inmortal, but more features and fixes will be added on future versions.

    [ESP]En este vídeo muestro cómo funciona un prometedor proyecto creado por Eddlm Se llama Bodyguard Squads, y nos permite crear hasta dos escuadras de personajes aliados, que podemos hacer aparecer, usar y controlar en cualquier momento.
    Lo mejor es el control: podemos mandar a los miembros de las escuadras (4 miembros por equipo) adonde queramos; también podemos decirles que entren en un vehículo, se dirijan en él a cierto sitio o sigan a otro vehículo, lo cual nos permite hacer que nos sigan en vehículo y hasta nos protejan en movimiento. Y con vehículos también hablamos de los helicópteros, y si éstos tienen armas en ellos, los personajes de las escuadras dispararán estas armas, ofreciéndonos verdadero apoyo aéreo. Además, cada escuadra actúa independientemente, por lo que podemos mandar a una escuadra cubrirnos por aire mientras otra nos sigue en tierra.
    Actualmente, la versión Alpha no nos permite hacer más cosas, y los miembros de las escuadras son inmortales, pero más características y mejoras serán añadidas en futuras versiones.

    -Author profile:

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  • GTA V - Just Cause 2 Hook Mod

    [ENG]The well-known modder JulioNIB created his second .NET script, with a great feature: a functional hook like the one used on Just Cause series.

    When we shoot to somebody, we attach the hook to the ped and then make it fly! If we do it when shooting to a vehicle or a building, we use the hook to fast move to wherever we attached the hook. And, if we do it when shooting an helicopter, we'll keep attached to it. And we also can shoot peds while we're on a vehicle, and then we'll attach the hook to them and will be moved with the vehicle (like on Red Dead Redemption when you trap somebody with the rope, while we're on a horse, and then if we move, the ped will flip throw the floor).

    Download from here:


    [ESP]El modder JulioNIB ha creado este épico mod, que simula el típico gancho de la saga Just Cause en GTA 5.

    Cuando disparamos a alguien, le enganchamos el gancho y podemos lanzarle por el aire. Cuando hacemos lo mismo pero disparando a un edificio o un vehículo o cualquier otro objeto, usaremos el gancho para transportarnos rápidamente allí (en el caso de los edificios, podemos apuntar a una cornisa y llegaremos al tejado). También podemos disparar a un helicóptero, y quedaremos enganchados en él mientras vuela. Y si estamos en un vehículo y disparamos a alguien desde él, le engancharemos y podemos arrastrarse por el suelo.


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  • Aerobatic Helicopter Chases Drifting Race Car

    Aerobatic Helicopter Chases Drifting Race Car

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  • PAW Patrol - Skye Tribute

    Moving videoclip in tribute to Skye, the endearing pup from PAW Patrol TV show.

    Skye is a fearless and smart Cockapoo* who loves to fly in her helicopter or with the wings in her pup pack. She tries everything with a backflip, grace, and a smile.
    (*A cockapoo is a mixed-breed dog that is the cross between either Cocker Spaniel breeds and a poodle.)

    MUSIC: Keys To The Kingdom by The 126ers, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license

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  • Far Cry 4 Super Secret Ending (Helicopter Crash Site)

    Far Cry 4 Super Secret Ending (Helicopter Crash Site)

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  • La Guerra de las Malvinas,Documental``

    Published on 28/07/2014
    TOTAL : 1090 Memorial , excluding a possible number greater (+).
    Lost Ships ( sunk or destroyed ): 8 total.
    Ships knocked out ( inactive ) : 9 total .
    Ships damaged in consideration (almost inactive ) : 5 total .
    Ships damaged : 9 total .
    SHIPS BEHIND TOTAL : 31 in total.
    TOTAL AIRCRAFT LOST between helicopters and harriers : 154 in total.
    Total aircraft ( Harriers , Sea Harriers) deployed on Malvinas : 77, of which 46 were disabled .
    Total helicopters deployed in the South Atlantic : 171 , of which 108 were disabled .

    FALLEN TOTAL : 1090 or more .

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  • Softonic prueba Take On Helicopters

    Take On Helicopters es un simulador de helicópteros muy real, bien trabajado y con una mecánica de juego diferente al habitual. Contiene modos historia, multijugador y hasta la posibilidad de crear tus propias misiones y campañas.

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  • Office 365 Helicopter Commercial

    Office 365 Helicopter Commercial

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  • Take on Helicopters - Trailer espanol (HD) en

    Take on Helicopters - Trailer espanol (HD) en

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  • Anger of Stick 2 Para Android

    Google Play -- Unknown enemies emerge in the city Our Stick hero continues to fight them off with a wide array of deadly weapons as well as helicopters and robots, who can devastate all enemies at onceExperience the game's 3 different modes Jump Jump Where you must go up and keep jumping to avoid falling behind, while defeating enemies at the same time Survival Kill all the enemies and survive as long as you can Doodle Runner run for as long as you can, while avoiding hazards and collecting money to spend in weapons upgradesSpecial Features Action Feel the fast action of Anger of Stick 2, with its realistic fighting and more than 130 combat moves Perfom the newly added special air combo to defeat all enemies at one time Weapons Use a deadly weapons arsenal and choose between the UZI, M1911, Grenade Launcher, Spas12, SG550, Remington870, Flamethrower, Raygun, Minigun, Bat, and the Sword Combine these with the Helicopter and the Robot to overcome those doodle enemies Map Walk through deserts, cities and forests in your quest to rid the world of these menacing stick figures You can even fight inside buildingsTips An infinite combo attack is available with Hero air combo Enemies can be handled by using robots and helicopters on the streets To avoid attacks from enemy guns and robots you will need to press the button on the key to move to the left. Desconocida enemigos emergen en la ciudad Nuestro heroe del palillo sigue luchar contra ellos con una amplia gama de armas mortales, asi como helicopteros y robots, que pueden devastar a todos los enemigos a la vezExperimenta 3 modos diferentes del juego Jump Jump ¿Donde debe ir hacia arriba y seguir saltando para evitar quedarse atras, mientras que derrotar a los enemigos al mismo tiempo Supervivencia Mata a todos los enemigos y sobrevivir tanto tiempo como puedas Doodle Runner correr durante todo el tiempo que puedas, evitando los peligros y recogiendo dinero

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  • Take on Helicopters - Trailer espanol (HD) en

    Take on Helicopters - Trailer espanol (HD) en

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    Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf, commonly known as Desert Strike, is a shoot 'em up video game released by Electronic Arts (EA) in February 1992 for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. The game was later released on several other formats such as the SNES, including a much upgraded version for the Amiga home computer. The game was inspired by the Gulf War and depicts a conflict between an insane Middle Eastern dictator, General Kilbaba, and the United States. The player controls a lone Apache helicopter and attempts to destroy enemy weapons and installations, rescue hostages and capture enemy personnel, while managing supplies of fuel and ammunition.

    The lead designer, Mike Posehn, had no video game experience prior to developing Desert Strike. Inspired by Choplifter, he aimed to create a nonlinear game with smoothly animated vehicles. Posehn, a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, developed a camera system with momentum to mimic realistic helicopter movements. Three-dimensional (3D) modeling was used to generate the vehicle sprites, which were later touched up on the pixel level with color.

    Desert Strike was a strong commercial success: it was a chart-topping best seller and at the time Electronics Arts' highest ever selling game. The game also received a favourable critical response, with several magazines awarding scores of over 90%. Reviewers praised the game's enjoyability, mix of action and strategy, graphics and sound. There was some controversy regarding the game's subject matter, with commentators criticising it as in poor taste due the proximity of its release to the recently ended Gulf War.


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  • Take On Helicopters

    En Take On Helicopters incluye un plantel nada desdeñable de modelos reales de helicópteros, desde máquinas militares a aparatos civiles. Cada uno de ellos cuidado hasta el último detalle y con diferencias reales entre ellos. Existe un modo para un jugador en el que debes ir creciendo como piloto y contribuir al éxito de tu empresa familiar de vuelos comerciales en helicóptero. Take On Helicopters incluye además un divertido modo multijugador, un modo de vuelo libre y misiones de lo más variado: desde sobrevolar el sureste asiático con helicópteros militares y prestar servicio a algún ricachón. Y por si fuera poco, Take On Helicopters incluye un interesante editor en 2D con el que crear tus propias misiones y campañas.

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  • VÍDEO: ¿Cómo funciona la carga inalámbrica de BMW?

    ¡En este vídeo te lo contamos! Pincha en el play y descubre datos importantes sobre el funcionamiento de la carga inalámbrica de BMW. El dispositivo se denomina BMW Digital Charging Service y estará disponible a partir de 2018. ¿Quieres saber más? ¡Play vídeo! Es más que interesante...

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  • Logitech G Play - POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System

    Logitech G Play - POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System

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  • Huawei 5 Minutes Quick Charging Experiment 高清观看 腾讯视频

    Huawei 5 Minutes Quick Charging Experiment 高清观看 腾讯视频

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  • Shinobi War Para Android

    Google Play -- Play with your favorite heroes in Shinobi War. Shinobi War is new 2D anime ninja battle game.HOW TO PLAY Use horizontal cross buttons for movement . Use UP button for JUMP. Use DOWN button for BLOCK. Use B button for chakra charging. Use A button for attack.HOW TO USE SPECIAL MOVES Go to the Pause Menu then select Move List. Juega con tus heroes favoritos en la Guerra Shinobi. Guerra Shinobi es nuevo juego 2D batalla de anime ninja. COMO JUGAR Utilice los botones transversales horizontales para el movimiento. Utilice el boton ARRIBA para saltar. Utilice el boton DOWN para BLOCK. Utilice el boton B para la carga de chakra. Utilice un boton de ataque. Como utilizar movimientos especiales Ir al menu de pausa a continuacion, seleccione Lista Mover.

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