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  • Demo de esri ArcGIS pro utilizando un equipo virtualizado con NVIDIA GRID

  • How do you get started creating 3D cities? ArcGIS 3D

    How one can make its own 3D city with custom data in 3 step using ArcGIS 3D analyst. Also perform 3D analysis e.g. setting building height, preserving public spaces, maximum view settings, 2D to 3D conversion and sharing.

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  • Contenido Descatado en Arcgis Online

    Contenido Descatado en Arcgis Online
    Mostra contenido en Arcgis Online

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  • Análisis del SPC Smartee Winbook 10.1

    Analizamos el SPC Smartee Winbook, un interesante tablet convertible de prestaciones sorprendentes por menos de 250 euros. ¿Te interesa?

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  • Apple consegue ordem contra a venda do Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 na UE.

    Seul (Coreia do Sul), 10 ago (EFE).=. A Apple conseguiu uma ordem de um tribunal alemão para evitar temporariamente a distribuição do último tablet da Samsung, o Galaxy Tab 10.1, na União Europeia (UE), informaram nesta quarta-feira à Agência Efe fontes da empresa sul-coreana.

    Um tribunal de Düsseldorf (Alemanha) deu a razão à Apple ao ditar uma ordem temporária contra a distribuição do novo dispositivo eletrônico de seu concorrente em toda a UE, com exceção da Holanda. A Apple assegura que a empresa sul-coreana, segundo fabricante mundial de telefones celulares, copia em sua linha de smartphones e tablets eletrônicos o design e as funções do iPhone e do iPad, enquanto a Samsung afirma que a companhia americana plagiou algumas de seus ideias de softwares.

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  • Galaxy Tab 10.1: Análisis del primer tablet con Android 3.0

    ( Android 3.0, la versión de sistema operativo diseñado específicamente para tablets, se hace realidad en el nuevo Galaxy Tab 10.1v de Samsung. Actualmente, es el principal competidor del iPad 2, y para ello cuenta con procesador de doble núcleo a 1 GHz y acelerador gráfico Tegra 2 de nVidia, entre otras características.

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  • 010.1 Saras y Kumud cap 10.1

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  • 10.1 Enviar un correo electrónico

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  • Curso de Photoshop CS5. 10.1. Corregir imperfecciones y ojos rojos.

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  • MWC 2012: Samsung presenta Galaxy Note 10.1

    ( Samsung presenta al público del Mobile World Congress 2012 su nuevo Galaxy Note 10.1, a medio camino entre un smartphone y un Tablet. La firma también lanza su nuevo Galaxy Beam, un nuevo smartphone que incorpora un proyector de 15 lúmenes.

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  • Curso de Photoshop CS5. 10.1. Corregir imperfecciones y ojos rojos.

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  • Curso de Word 2013. 10.1. Crear tablas.

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  • Curso de CorelDraw X7. 10.1. Dibujo a mano alzada.

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  • Curso de Photoshop CS5. 10.1. Corregir imperfecciones y ojos rojos.

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  • Connecting the Wiimote to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (I/O)

    This video is 6+ years old now. Please note that the information may be out of date or not work with a new device. The video was filmed on Android 3.1 which is extremely out of date. We are now up past Android 8.0.\r
    **This is basically the same ex version of the Retail Tab 10.1, also works in 3.1. This method should work on a retail since theyre very similiar**\r
    A how to on connecting your Wiimote to the samsung galaxy tab 10.1. I use the following application to connect the wiimote to the tablet.\r
    Wiimote controller: \r
    Search in the market for:

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  • iPad Air vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 new Edition Web Browser Speed Test

    In this video, we will do a web browser speed test between the iPad Air and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 new Edition. Basically, we will use Safari on the Air and Chrome on the Note and load various websites.\r
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    Google+ \r
    My Website:

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  • Curso de Access 2010. 10.1. Consultas de actualización

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  • Curso de Word 2016. 10.1. Crear tablas y darles formato

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  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Unboxing

    Buy this tablet here - \r
    This is an unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Here are some more specs on the device -\r
    Speed Is in Its DNA\r
    Samsung innovation is at the heart of Galaxy Tab 10.1. And that means speed. To start, the device supports Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth® connections. Add this to the 1 GHz Dual Core processor, and you can run rich 3D games and enjoy multimedia content with ease.\r
    Content Comes to Life Anywhere\r
    Sliding in at about 1.3 pounds, this large-screen tablet is unbelievably thin and portable-just .34 thick-so you can enjoy widescreen s in HD resolution (1280x800) with the built-in surround stereo sound wherever you go. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is also equipped with a 3MP camera for pictures and video, and a 2MP front-facing camera for Google Talk video chat. You can even share Tab content on your HDTV through the Tablet Extender feature-or stream it wirelessly with Allshare.\r
    Stay Entertained\r
    The Galaxy Tab makes it easy to purchase a wide range of content through Samsungs hubs. With 13 million songs at the Music Hub and video content at the Media Hub*, this is paradise for anyone who just cant get enough. The Readers Hub* will give users access to 2.2 million books and thousands of newspapers and magazines, while the Social Hub*-a unified inbox for email, instant messaging and social feeds-will gather your most important communications in a single place.\r
    Of course, Galaxy Tab 10.1 gives you access to millions of websites enabled by Adobe Flash, so you can view anything on the web you want. No limitations. Your choice.\r
    Your Sharpest Business Partner\r
    The Galaxy Tab 10.1 also knows business. Its the most enterprise-friendly Android tablet on the market, which includes a suite of security solutions that please even the most skeptical IT department. Premiere relationships with SAP, Exchange Active Sync, Cisco Any Connect, Sybase* and Cisco Webex* make it possible to operate efficiently, confidently and securely. Quick Office is even preinstalled so you can work with Microsoft® Office files.\r
    An Arsenal of Accessories\r
    Innovation even extends beyond the Tab. Consider the Desk Dock, which conveniently charges and connects to other devices. Or when its time to give it a rest, the Book Cover can protect the Tab or be transformed into a pedestal so you can relax with your favorite .

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  • Curso de Excel 2013. 10.1. Autocorreccion.

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  • Curso de Excel 2010. 10.1. Autocorrección.

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  • Curso de Flash CS5. 10.1. Crear un clip vacio.

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  • Curso de Dreamweaver CS6. 10.1. Insertar multimedia.

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  • Curso de Excel 2016. 10.1. Autocorrección

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  • Curso de Windows 10. Video 10.1. Instalacion de impresoras

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  • Curso de Access 2013. 10.1. Consultas de actualización.

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  • 10.1

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  • Webisodio 10.1 - Aliados Segunda Temporada

    Webisodio 10.1 "La Decisión" Aliados -Lunes 02 de Junio

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  • Trio 10.1 Android Tablet G2 Stealth Update 4#

    Hello so here is the last update for the Trio 10.1 Unless so many ask about something over and over and ill update.But as for now time to move on ROOTING is on the way and a rom so soon im sure you see some one youtube with that..Arcmatter..Merry X-MAS ALL!!!

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  • Alternativa a cydia sin jailbreak IOS 10 10.1 Iphone 2017

    ⚠️Suscribete a mi canal: ⚠️

    Aquí os mostrare una pequeña alternativa al cydia sin tener Jailbreak.
    Vale para ios 10 10.1 en cualquier dispositivo con IOS.

    Link APP:

    ⚠️Hecha un vistazo a mis otros vídeos:⚠️

    Instalar APPs de cydia sin Jailbreak:

    Conectar mando Ps4 en dispositivos Android:

    Decifrar redes Wifi con móvil Android:

    ___Sigueme en mis redes sociales:___

    Página de Facebook:




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  • Webisodio 10.1 - Aliados

    Webisodio 10.1 "Cara de Feliz Cumpleaños" Aliados - Jueves 22 de Agosto

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  • Avances Webisodio 10.1 - Aliados Segunda Temporada

    Avances Webisodio 10.1 - Aliados Segunda Temporada

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  • Avances Webisodio 10.1 - Aliados

    Avances Webisodio 10.1 - Aliados

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  • Avance Webisodio 10.1 - Aliados

    Avance Webisodio 10.1 - Aliados

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  • Mejor tablet 2015

    Exhaustiva revisión de las mejores tabletas del 2015 para elegir la auténtica mejor tablet del 2015. Analizamos los modelos premium y destacados de las principales marcas: Sony Xperia Z3, Nexus 9, iPad Air2, Microsoft Surface Pro3… Comparamos sus características más importantes como el procesador o CPU, el tamaño y calidad de la resolución de la pantalla, el sistema operativo que viene instalado, la cantidad de memoria RAM, los megapíxeles de la cámara principal, el peso de la tablet, la autonomía de la batería, su conectividad wifi y 4G, el precio

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  • Heaven, la tableta Android más potente de SPC

    SPC Heaven 10.1, un dispositivo que, según sus creadores, es la tableta Android más potente que SPC ha creado hasta la fecha.

    Como su propio nombre indica, se trata de una tableta con una diagonal de pantalla de 10,1 pulgadas y panel IPS con resolución HD (1280 x 800 píxeles) en formato 16:10.

    Esta decisión de no dar el salto a resoluciones Full HD o superiores es debido a la voluntad de SPC de mantener un consumo energético contenido con el fin de lograr una mayor autonomía y que el usuario pueda disfrutar durante más tiempo del contenido que se muestra en su tableta.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S screen replacement, i9100 - How to Replace Screen Without Frame HD

    Video tutorial Samsung Galaxy S2 Screen replacement.\r
    The procedure is very hard. You must have experience to do this !!!Samsung Galaxy S 2\r
    How to Fix / Replace / Change / Repair broken Screen / LCD / Digitizer / Display / Touch Screen video tutorial.\r
    Замена дисплея и сенсора на Samsung Galaxy S II / I9100.\r
    • Video chronology:\r
    0:20 - battery cover, battery, SIM, memory cards\r
    0:24 - middle frame / bezel\r
    0:15 - disconnecting flex / ribbon cables - lcd display, touch screen, charging connector board, front camera, menu buttons, etc.\r
    1:28 - volume and power flex cables\r
    2:03 - display assembly and middle frame separating\r
    4:30 - testing the new spare part\r
    5:49 - installing the new display assembly\r
    6:24 - reassembling\r
    IFIXIT - guide with pictures:\r
    Related videos:\r
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    • Galaxy S İ mini, i8190 - Hard , Fory Reset, Screen Lock, Password Removal \r
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    • Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo S5310 - Hard Reset, Bypass Screen Lock, Unfreeze \r
    • Samsung Galaxy CORE, DUOS, i8260, i8262 - Touchscreen, Glass, Digitizer replacement \r
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 - LSD Display and Touchscreen, Digitizer, Glass Replacement. \r
    • Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 10.1 - Password, Screen Lock Removal, Hard Reset \r
    •Samsung GALAXY S5 / S5 Mini / S5 Duos - Service / Hidden / Test / Diagnostic Menu, Secret Codes \r
    • Samsung GALAXY S5 / S5 mini / Duos / Active - Password / Screen Lock, Fory / Hard Reset \r
    • Samsung GALAXY Note 3 - Remove Password Lock / Wipe Data, Fory / Hard reset \r
    • Samsung GALAXY Note 3 / Neo / Duos - Service / Test / Hidden Diagnostic Menu, Secret Codes \r
    • Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 - Unlock Password / Pattern Lock (Wipe data / Fory reset) \r
    • Samsung GALAXY S4 / I9500 - Fix Camera Failed (Main camera replacement) \r
    • Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 7.0 - Screen Lock, Unlock Password, Fory Reset, Hard Reset \r
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV / I9500 - Service / Test / Hidden Menu, Secret Codes \r
    • Samsung Galaxy W i8150 - Touch Screen Replacement \r
    • Samsung Galaxy S5 / S4 / S3 / S2 - Unlock / Reset Password, Pattern, Screen, PIN Lock \r
    • Samsung Galaxy S3 / S İ / i9300 - Touch Screen / LCD Display / Frame replacement. \r
    • Samsung Galaxy S II / i9100 - How to Replace LCD Display and Touch Screen Without Frame HD \r
    I Am Running with Temporary Success from a Monstrous Vacuum by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (\r
    Source: \r
    Artist: \r

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  • Froyo 2.2 on Acer Liquid, Phhroyo ROM by Phhusson :)

    Camera is still not fixed, but it is a good start! Thanks PHHUSSON! Flash 10.1 works!\r
    Update: WIFI is fixed!!!\r
    Video was shot with DXG 596 camera 720p 60fps

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  • México agradece la ayuda humanitaria enviada por Cuba

    El gobierno de México agradeció la solidaridad de Cuba, que envió una aeronave con 10.1 toneladas de ayuda humanitaria al estado de Oaxaca, una de las regiones más afectadas por los terremotos que se han registrado en el mes de septiembre. También arribó una brigada integrada por 41 profesionales de la salud. teleSUR

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  • Drift Games for PC - My TOP 5

    This is a copy of my old video, because youtube have problem with music on video. Thank you for understanding.\r
    New TOP 5 video with Tuning/Customizing car games will be very soon.\r
    MY TOP 5 DRIFT GAMES ON PC with Download links.\r
    |Did you enjoy the video? Like please! Im working on a new video - Drift games for smartphones. On my channel very soon ;)\r
    |Music: [ ]\r
    ► 5. SHIFT 2 : Unleashed ◄ 0:06 ►\r
    | ➥INFO [ ]\r
    | OS: Windows XP / Vista/ 7\r
    | CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz / AMD X2 64 2.4 GHz\r
    | RAM: 2 GB\r
    | Video Card: 512 MB ATI HD 3XXX / NVIDIA GeForce 8XXX\r
    | DirectX: 9.0c\r
    | Free Disk Space: 7 GB \r
    | ➥DOWNLOAD [ ]\r
    | \r
    | \r
    ► 4. DIRT 3 ◄ 1:00 ►\r
    | ➥INFO [ ]\r
    | OS: Windows XP / Vista/ 7\r
    | CPU: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 2.8 GHz, Intel Pentium® D 2.8 GHz\r
    | RAM: 2 GB\r
    | Video Card: AMD Radeon™ HD 2000 256 MB, NVIDIA® GeForce® 8000 Series 256 MB\r
    | Sound Card: Yes\r
    | Free Disk Space: 15 GB\r
    | ➥DOWNLOAD [ ]\r
    ► 3. rFACTOR - Project D (Mod) ◄ 1:54 ►\r
    | ➥INFO [ ]\r
    | CPU: 1.4 GHz processor\r
    | OS: PC Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP, XP 64-bit, Vista, 7 \r
    | RAM: 512 MB RAM\r
    | Video Card: Geforce4 4200 or Radeon 9200\r
    | DirectX: 9.0c\r
    | Free Disk Space: 2.0 GB \r
    | ➥DOWNLOAD FTP &Torrent [ ]\r
    | ➥DOWNLOAD [ ]\r
    | ➥DOWNLOAD [ ]\r
    | \r
    |You can get the complete mod here:\r
    |[ ]\r
    | \r
    ► 2. Live for Speed S2◄ 2:33 ►\r
    | ➥INFO [ ]\r
    | CPU: 1.6 GHz Intel Pentium IV;256(+) MB \r
    | RAM;64(+) MB graphics card with DirectX 8.1\r
    | DirectX: 8.1\r
    | ➥DOWNLOAD [ ]\r
    ► 1. Assetto Corsa ◄ 3:22 ►\r
    | ➥INFO [ ]\r
    | OS: Windows Vista SP2, 7, 8, 8.1\r
    | CPU: AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHZ, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHZ\r
    | RAM: 2 GB RAM\r
    | Video Card: DirectX 10.1 (AMD Radeon HD 6450, Nvidia GeForce GT 460)\r
    | DirectX: Version 11\r
    | Network: Broadband Internet connection\r
    | Free Disk Space: 15 GB\r
    | Sound Card: Integrated\r
    | ➥DOWNLOAD FTP [ ]\r
    | ➥DOWNLOAD [ ]\r
    | \r
    | \r
    ➥ Here on LFS forum [ ]\r
    |Post comment, when links is dead.\r
    |Thanks for Watching \r
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  • Install Lollipop 5.0.1 on the Galaxy S4

    A quick tutorial on how to install the official android lollipop 5 on the snapdragon i9505 \r
    If You have another device, Please check the link bellow:\r
    Please visit our website for more: \r
    Please share and subscribe for more :)\r
    Official android lollipop 5.0.1 For the Galaxy S4 i9505 ( Snapdragon ) was uploaded yesterday by Samsung, Antother link :\r
    To download Odin 3.09 : \r
    Flashing Instructions:\r
    - Unzip the file\r
    - Open Odin 3.09\r
    - Restart phone in download mode (Press and hold Home + Power + Volume down buttons)\r
    - Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin\r
    - Add extred MD5-file to AP\r
    - Make sure re-partition is UNticked\r
    - Start flash, sit back and wait a few minutes.\r
    - If you encounter any issues with the firmware (Any FC, Bootloop etc)\r
    - Boot into recovery mode (Home+ Power + Volume Up)\r
    - Then choose reboot and you should be good to go!\r
    Samsung Galaxy Android L 5.0.1 New Features Review: Asistant Menu:\r
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Android L 5.0.1 Multi Windows Review :\r
    Please Subscribe to get more videos\r
    Video: \r
    i9505 Android L\r
    i9505 Review\r
    i9505 L\r
    i9505 Lollipop\r
    i9505 S4\r
    i9505 Test\r
    i9505 benchmark\r
    i9505 theme\r
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    i9505 bloatware\r
    i9505 5.0.1\r
    i9505 software\r
    i9505 final\r
    i9505 final review\r
    i9505 game\r
    i9505 download\r
    i9505 music\r
    I9505 Khmer Fonts\r
    i9505 Emoji keyboard\r
    i9505 flash\r
    i9505 firmware\r
    I9505 I9505XXUHOB7\r
    Firmware-update \r
    Samsung Galaxy S4 (BTU) (Android 5.0.1) available\r
    Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505XXUHOB7\r
    android l\r
    android 3.0 honeycomb\r
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    gsm samsung galaxy\r
    samsung for galaxy\r
    galaxy samsung camera

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  • Samsung galaxy tab 3 Test Game

    Reseña Galaxy Tab 3 cual compramos?, Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Smartwatch 2, Galaxy S4 LTE Advance\r
    Los mejores nuevos juegos de new // Pro Android\r
    Top Android Games new\r
    Top 10 Android Games (Free) (Galaxy S4) - new - Games4Eva #2\r
    Top 10 Best 3d Android Games new\r
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0: Unboxing & Review

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  • Планшет Lenovo IdeaTab A7600

    Диагональ экрана 10.1\r
    Тип матрицы IPS\r
    Разрешение экрана 1280x800\r
    Вид экрана Емкостный\r
    Операционная система Android 4.2\r
    Процессор MediaTek MTK8382/8121 (1.3 ГГц)\r
    Количество ядер 4\r
    Встроенная память 16 ГБ\r
    Оперативная память 1 ГБ\r
    Поддержка карт памяти microSD/microSDHC\r
    Встроенный 3G-модуль Нет\r
    Возможность совершения звонков Нет\r
    Беспроводные возможности Wi-Fi, Bluetooth\r
    Навигационная система GPS\r
    Разъемы Разъем 3.5 мм, microUSB\r
    Фронтальная камера 2 Мп\r
    Тыловая камера 5 Мп\r
    Батарея 6340 мА*ч\r
    Ширина 264.1 мм\r
    Высота 176.54 мм\r
    Глубина 8.9 мм\r
    Вес 550 г\r
    Комплектация Планшет Lenovo IdeaTab A7600\r
    Кабель USB\r
    Зарядное устройство\r
    Цвет Dark Blue

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