Fall & Winter Clothing Haul


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Hey marzipans, today I show you the clothes I have been buying to get ready for the colder months.\r
I shopped in the Urban Renewal & BDG (made in UK) section of Urban Outfitters, as well as my favorite online store, ASOS.\r
Check out Urban Renewal here: (unfortunately I cant provide links, as most things are unique pieces).\r
Lomography Camera: \r
Fisherman Jumper: \r
Cable Duster Cardigan: \r
Full Midi Skirt: \r
Midi Quilted Skirt: \r
Extreme Full Skirt: \r
Block Stripe Trousers: \r
Peg Trousers: \r
Denim Midi Dress: \r
Snowball Jumper: \r
Ankle Boots: \r
Lace up Shoes: \r
Necklace: \r
Furry Keychain: \r
Burberry Bag: \r
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*** A quick note to the people that seem to be confused or be bothered by this haul:\r
Shopping ethically can be done in different ways, the way I approach it is to shop less (because of the colder season I wanted to get more appropriate things in my wardrobe) instead of shopping once a week or receiving clothes from a ton of cheap websites for free, like I used to do before. I also do not support fast fashion brands that dont treat people with the respect they deserve (for example, I had to cut off Zara, which was my favorite store) but do research and read about companies that are at least trying to make a difference, like H&M (although I havent shopped there in a while). If you take a look at the ASOS policy you will see how they clearly state that their line of clothing (which doesnt refer to the other brands they sell in the website) is produced in poor countries but does work with them in an good way - in f, being related to third world countries doesnt always equal to sweatshops. Of course, the easiest way to shop ethically is to buy vintage, second hand or recycled clothing, but you will notice that not too many brands offer that at the moment, unfortunately. But then again, shopping ethically also means making an investment buy, which basically means buying an item that will last you a longer period of time, so that you dont end up throwing it away after a few seasons and end up in poor countries as waste, which causes diseases - thats the reason why I picked that bag. Now, I think its kind of unfair how people are so quick to point fingers, when honestly Im just trying to live my life in a better way, as others. If one day I feel like buying a piece of clothing I absolutely love, and notice that maybe it wasnt made under ideal conditions, that doesnt make me a monster or an hypocrite, it just means that Im aware of what is happening around the world and will simply try my best to limit the destruction on my side without completely deprive myself of something. Hopefully this clears things up, I dont find it fair how just because I talk about these issues and bring attention to them, as soon as I buy something I get called out on it - especially if I havent gone against any of my beliefs to begin with. \r
PS. None of the pompoms are made of real fur!!\r
❤FTC - This is not a sponsored video.

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