Popeye - A Haul in One


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With Popeye & Bluto Movers on their way to her apartment, Olive has not yet finished packing. When the two partners arrive, they offer to help her as they begin to compete for the pretty lady's attention. With Popeye displaying greater packing skills and speed, Bluto turns his efforts to folding, but is also outdone by Popeye and a vacuum cleaner. Bluto tries putting on a show of strength, but his rival demonstrates he can carry him and more. After trying unsuccesfully to get rid of the competition, the big fellow is angered to see Popeye return to action and begins tossing Olive's belongings out the window, leaving Popeye to catch them, but the latter does it effortlessly. Finally, Bluto resorts to attacking his "buddy", trapping his neck in a folding table. Popeye promptly eats his spinach and punches his rival into woman's clothing, then ties him to the back of the van as he invites the lovely lady to ride with him on the front.

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