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  • El Retiro de Hyuga (SD)

  • NaruHina (El cumpleaños de Hinata)

    Ver video "NaruHina (El cumpleaños de Hinata)"

  • Hinata X Naruto - Kiss The Girl

    El AMV de Hinata x Naruto

    Ver video "Hinata X Naruto - Kiss The Girl"

  • Naruto Shippuuden Opening 16 - The last, Naruto The Movie Version

    Song: Silhouette - Kana-Boom

    Ver video "Naruto Shippuuden Opening 16 - The last, Naruto The Movie Version"

  • NaruHina Juntos con SasuSaku

    Ver video "NaruHina Juntos con SasuSaku"

  • NARUHINA PARTY. LET'S CELEBRATE! [Spoilers]-1k3H594Erq0

    We're so happy right now!! We wanted to upload a NH video today, so we made this short amv in two hours :D (It's a collab - first part by Sanny, second part by Sabby) But longer projects are already in progress, don't worry! ;D

    On the one hand, we are overthrilled that NaruHina is finally canon, but on the other hand, it's hard to believe that Naruto, the manga, has just ended.
    The last chapter felt more like an introduction than an ending. Hopefully, this Naruto New Era Project is going to give us more information on the kids and their parents. :O
    By the way, look at that family picture at the end of the video *-* Best photo ever!! (not edited this time, it's REAL!! XD) They look so cute together!
    And who's not hyped about the Naruto the Last Movie? We can't wait for it =DDD This is gonna be so, so awesome!!!

    Okay, over to you:
    How did you like the last chapters? How do you feel about the upcoming NaruHina movie?

    Let's discuss everything in the comment section. :D
    Feel free to party there! It's a historic moment for all of us!!!
    Always remember 6 Nov. 2014!!! NARUHINA IS CANON!!! (+ SasuSaku xDD)

    Thank you so much for your support all these years!!! We won the greatest shipping war of our time! :')

    Ver video "NARUHINA PARTY. LET'S CELEBRATE! [Spoilers]-1k3H594Erq0"

  • AMV_Naruto___NaruHina_Tribute_2__Listen_To_Your_Heart_{Sub}

    El mejor AMV de esta pareja que he visto ;)

    Ver video "AMV_Naruto___NaruHina_Tribute_2__Listen_To_Your_Heart_{Sub}"

  • Naruto x Hinata forever

    Tema: Listen to your Heart
    Artista: Roxette

    Ver video "Naruto x Hinata forever"

  • NaruHina AMV

    All the rights go to the respective owners

    Ver video "NaruHina AMV"

  • Naruto y Hinata face to face

    Ver video "Naruto y Hinata face to face"

  • NaruHina Love

    Tema: My Love
    Artista: Westlife

    Ver video "NaruHina Love"

  • NaruHina X Ever

    Tema: See Who I Am
    Artista: Within Temptation

    Ver video "NaruHina X Ever"

  • Hinata x Naruto - Far Away

    Otro AMV de esta pareja ideal XD Disfrutad del video!!! Enjoy the vid!!!

    Ver video "Hinata x Naruto - Far Away"

  • Captain Tsubasa Opening live action

    Captain Tsubasa: Opening Live action

    Ver video "Captain Tsubasa Opening live action"

  • Zaku_and_Hinata_All_About_Us

    Zaku Abumi y Hinata Hyuga

    Ver video "Zaku_and_Hinata_All_About_Us"

  • Anime Draw Bleach (HINATA 18 AÑOS) 1°ENSAYO PULSAR

    Ver video "Anime Draw Bleach (HINATA 18 AÑOS) 1°ENSAYO PULSAR"

  • Error en el juego Captain Tsubasa V: El portero la introduce en su propio arco!!!!!!

    Para los amigos del foro Captain Tsubasa Elite.

    Ver video "Error en el juego Captain Tsubasa V: El portero la introduce en su propio arco!!!!!!"

  • TENKAI, el video

    nada que decir.

    DarkHyoga TENKAI

    Ver video "TENKAI, el video"

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