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  • 23 Strangest Signs You Wont Believe Exist

  • History of the circus, so it began

    History of the circus, so it began.
    According to Chinese historians the first acrobats were those hunters who excelled by their physical abilities, based on this they locate the beginning of the acrobatics about five thousand years before our era, there is a book named the imaginary history of acrobats WU-QUIAO Located in Hebei Province, which reports that the Yellow Emperor, better known in this part of the world as HUANG DI which is part of the five emperors within Chinese mythology, who are credited with the foundation of Chinese civilization, it is said that the Yellow Emperor during an invasion of the barbarian tribes was about to be defeated, so he called his general LI, whom he asked to go seek help from allied tribes, this general began his journey and got lost in the woods, being rescued by two coal miners, they gave him food and as a reward general LI made them a demonstration of his abilities with the sword, by cutting an apple in half in the air, these miners were so pressed that asked him to stay with them to entertain them, he accepted and in this way the military skills with the sword, bow, the whip and knife throwing became part of the circus repertoire.
    The emperor of course saw that his general did not return so he called general CHEN and asked for the same thing, he got lost in the swamps being rescued by fishermen and as a Ward he showed them his strength, by carrying a boat with 12 people over his shoulders and juggling with bronze which was a success, the fishermen asked him to stay to entertain them and this was how the strong man acts and the jugglers joined the circus world.
    The yellow emperor again saw that he did not return, and sent five other generals who knew how to juggle, contortion, head balance, domesticate bears and wolves, and make people laugh, they left the palace to fulfill their mission and they never returned, so the circus was enriched with all those disciplines, and I suppose that the yellow emperor got killed.
    The need to impress renewed audiences was what inspired the acrobats to embark on the road, many of them ceasing to be sedentary, by leaving their villages and homes to become part of a nomadic nation, at the beginning these groups of traveling artists accepted retired military, soldiers, deserters, warriors, thieves, revolutionaries, explorers, sailors and all kinds of people who wanted to escape from something.

    Source: Histoire du cirque
    voyage extraordinaire autour de la terre. Dominique Mauclair
    Ed. Privat, 2003 Isbn: 9782708917187

    Dog and Pony Show by Silent Partner from YouTube Audio Library

    #circus #circuslife #circusyoutuber #aerialsilks #acrobatics #juggling #aerialist #balancing #cirquedusoleil #crossfit #fitness #calisthenics #polefitness #dance #performingarts

    Dog and Pony Show by Silent Partner from YouTube Audio Library

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  • Travel Machu Picchu - Machupicchu 24

    Located at an altitude of over 11,000 feet in the heart of the Andes mountains, is the dynamic and historic city of Cusco Peru. Cusco, which is also spelled Cuzco, is the famed capital of the ancient Inca Empire,

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  • Hotel Canton, Barcelona
    Inaugurated in 2003 and located in the very heart of Barcelona , close to the Port Vell maritime area and La Rambla, this 1-star hotel of 30 rooms is placed in one of the most dynamic leisure, culture and commercial parts of the city.

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  • Esto es lo que pasa cuando un auto choca a 200 km/h

    Una empresa suiza llamada Dynamic Test Center AG, en la que brinda servicios de ingeniería a distintos fabricantes de autos, decidió probar que es lo que le pasa a un auto cuando choca a 200 kilómetros por hora. La empresa helvética cuenta con una rampa desde donde se pueden lanzar vehículos alcanzando hasta 200 km/h al momento de llegar a la base. Como se ve en el video el vehículo impacta con otro quedando completamente destrozado. La prueba realizada con un Opel Omega es realmente extrema ya que normalmente las pruebas de impacto frontal de este tipo, como la que realiza la EuroNCAP, se hacen a 64 k/h, una velocidad mucho menor.

    Video cortesía de Youtube. Tomado de El Comercio

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  • Las mejores Raquetas

    Lista de las mejores Raquetas de

    Elige a tu mejor raqueta .

    En la lista de las mejores Raquetas tenemos:
    1. Babolat Aero Pro GT
    2. Wilson Factor K
    3. Babotal Pure Drive
    4. Wilson Blx
    5. Head Youtek Radical
    6. Head Nano
    7. Wilson N6
    8. Head MicroGel
    9. Sufix Aero Dynamic
    10. Yonex RQiS Tour 1 XL 95

    La fuente de las imágenes es 20 minutos

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  • French castle becomes symbol of crowdfunding

    Paris, Dec 28 (EFE).- The 13th-century Chateau de la Mothe-Chandeniers castle, located in the center of an artificial lake near the Loire riverbank, has become a symbol of crowdfunding.
    25,000 people from 115 countries became co-owners of the French architectural jewel through a donation of at least 50 euros.
    Keywords: efe,france,castle,crowdfunding

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  • Death toll in airstrikes on rebel-held Damascus suburb rises to 78

    Saqba (Syria), 7 Feb (EFE).- The number of deaths from the previous day’s airstrikes in the Syrian region of Eastern Ghouta has risen to 78, including 19 children and 20 women, the  Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Wednesday.
    Eastern Ghouta, located outside the Syrian capital, Damascus, is the main rebel-held enclave.
    Keywords: efe,syria,conflict,bomb,nomonetizar

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  • Tsunami Waves Flood Japan's Sendai Airport

    The tsunami that washed across Japan on Friday completely deluged the Sendai airport, turning runways to rivers. And it was all caught on camera.

    The Sendai airport is located in the Miyagi Prefecture, in the northeast area of Japan, close to the epicenter of the 8.9-magnitude earthquake that sparked the tsunami. Reports and photos from the area showed that the airport was almost completely underwater, save for the watchtower, which can be seen above the water level.

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  • Aerolínea Dynamic: Ofrecemos la propuesta de crecer en el mercado venezolano

    Con la presencia de máximas autoridades de diversos sectores nacionales, este viernes fue recibido, con un acto de bautizo, el vuelo inaugural de la aerolínea Dynamic International Airways en la ruta directa entre Fort Lauderdale y Caracas

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  • Testimonios de pasajeros con destino a Caracas del avión incendiado en EE UU

    Los 101 pasajeros de la aerolínea Dynamic vivieron momentos de terror al incendiarse el avión , testimonios de pasajeros aseguran que fue impactante el momento en el que la gente comenzó a pegar gritos y a decir " abran las puertas" con desesperación. Héctor Rotundo , experto en temas de aviación expresó que esas cosas ocurren normalmente por derrame de combustible almacenado de horas anteriores.

    Video cortesía de NOTIMINUTO NOTICIAS

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  • Shooting in Las Vegas: Videos show the heartbreaking scenes that were lived during the attack

    Panic and terror seized Las Vegas Sunday after a man opened fire on a crowd attending a concert, killing at least 50 people and injuring 200 others.

    Hours after the tragedy began to prowl in social networks video recordings of the moment of the shooting, occasioned - according to the authorities - by the American Stephen Paddock.

    The audience did not know how to act at the time of the tragedy, as the bullets came from the 32nd floor of the Mandala Bay hotel, located on Central Strip Strip, where the third and final night of a country music festival was held.

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  • Primeras impresiones sobre el nuevo Mitsubishi ASX 2017

    El Mitsubishi ASX 2017 renueva su imagen exterior para mantenerse al día. Incorpora el lenguaje de diseño Dynamic Shield y mantiene su gama mecánica. Está disponible desde 15.900 euros.

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  • Vea en qué terminó esta broma de mal gusto

    Dos jóvenes estadounidenses decidieron inaugurar su canal de YouTube, llamado "Dynamic Duo TV". La idea era asustar a una trabajadora de un negocio de comida rápida, estos se valieron de una corneta de tren.

    Video cortesía de Dynamic Duo TV

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  • Cepsa consolidates its leadership in the oleochemical sector with new plant in Dumai

    Dumai (Indonesia), Sep14 (EFE).- Oil company Cepsa has started production at its new oleochemical plant, located on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, which is capable of generating 160,000 tonnes per year in fatty alcohols using 100 percent sustainable palm kernel oil.

    Thanks to the opening of this facility, the Spanish company adds to its product catalog the possibility of offering its customers raw materials for the manufacture of detergents, both petroleum-based - through its activity in other plants - and from vegetable derived sources.

    In this sense, the alcohols made in Dimai- whose plant was built together with one of the leading companies in the sector, through the Sinar Mas Cepsa joint venture - will also be used as raw material for another range of everyday products, such as toothpaste and shampoo, positioning Cepsa in a new market: personal care products.

    In addition, the joint venture will directly supply the raw material to a Sinar Mas Cepsa plant located in Germany, where the sulfation process is carried out on ethoxylated alcohols, which will be sold in both Eastern and Western Europe.

    With an investment of 300 million euros, the new plant is already a model of self-sufficiency, producing its own electricity and treating its wastewater and complying with the highest safety standards.

    Keywords: efe,cepsa,sinar mas,oleochemical,dumai,indonesia

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  • Controladores HP 15-BS034LA

    Controladores Testados y compatibles con el modelo mencionado, los mismos están con su versión y compatibilidad de windows especificado (si en el mismo figura un guion - antes de una versión de windows el mismo significa que es incompatible con dicha versión de windows) Las mismos están comprimidos a lo máximo posible para que la descarga se realice en el menor tiempo posible Algunos controladores pueden requerir una instalación manual si no se incluye un instalador con el mismo
    Como actualizar manualmente un controlador
    Los controladores incluidos son:
    - HP Wireless Button Driver V2.1.3.1
    - Realtek Bluetooth 4.2 Adapter V1.5.1007.3
    - Realtek High Definition Audio V6.0.1.8302
    - Realtek RTL8723DE - RTL8188EE 802.11bgn PCIe Adapter V2023.66.1104.2017
    Controladores de otros modelos compatibles con el mismo
    - Intel(R) Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Processor Participant V8.3.10205.4743
    - Sonido Intel(R) para pantallas V6.16.0.3200
    - Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller V10.23.1003.2017
    - Synaptics HID TouchPad V19.3.31.31
    Problemas para descomprimir los controladores?
    Descarga e instala este descompresor de archivos
    Como identificar los controladores a ser actualizados manualmente descargar e instalar el siguiente programa
    El mismo realiza un analisis del equipo y notifica sobre actualizaciones de controladores o los controladores no instalados en el equipo El mismo es el que utilizo para descargar los controladores una ves descargados los instalo y pruebo su compatibilidad y posteriormente los vuelvo a subir aplicando una mayor compresión a los mismos para que el controlador no sea de un gran tamaño

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  • Peru's Sabancaya Volcano Erupts

    The Sabancaya volcano, located near Arequipa in Peru, erupted on Tuesday, July 25.

    According to Peru’s volcanological observatory, the volcano eruption could be seen from Arequipa city, located 75 kilometers southeast of the volcano. Credit: Observatorio Vulcanológico del INGEMMET via Storyful

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  • Superwinch 1125220 Terra 25 2500lb Winch with Roller Fairlead and More Review

    Superwinch 1125220 Terra 25 2500lb Winch with Roller Fairlead and MoreProduct Review

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    High efficiency, low amp draw, sealed 1.3 hp permanent magnet motor featuring mechanical load holding and dynamic brake

    50' of 3/16" steel wire rope and ergonomic cam action freespooling clutch

    All steel planetary gear twice as wide as those used by the competition and utilizing machined-in, oil pocket bronze bearings

    Circuit breaker protected and weather sealed solenoid contact

    4-way roller fairlead, heavy duty latched hook with thimble and limited lifetime warranty

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  • Exos Saga Gameplay Android / IOS

    Exos Saga Gameplay\r
    Exos Saga by Eyedentity Mobile (IOS / Android)\r
    Exos Saga: A dynamic RPG with a captivating story and spectacular graphics!\r
    ▶ A gorgeous side-scrolling RPG with breathtaking animated visuals!\r
    - Collect more than 150 charers, each with a unique battle skill! \r
    - Form strategic parties and take on any monster that comes your way!\r
    - Collect and upgrade an array of extraordinary weapons and items!\r
    - Meet new friends, make alliances, and battle bosses together!\r
    - Test your strength and compete against other combatants in arena-based PvP!\r
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  • Little Giant EC-400, 3 GPH - In-Pan Condensate Removal Pump (553455) [Misc.] Review

    Little Giant EC-400, 3 GPH - In-Pan Condensate Removal Pump (553455) [Misc.]Product Review

    Click on the link for more reviews

    complete split pumping system

    can be placed into the air handler

    For wall & ceiling mounted. And for cassette split air conditioning equipment

    Quiet operation

    Pump is self-priming and can be located up to 3' above reservoir

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  • AKG D5 Vocal Dynamic Microphone Review

    AKG D5 Vocal Dynamic Microphone Review

    Read More

    AKG D5 Vocal Dynamic Microphone

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  • Aerolínea Dynamic realizó primer vuelo Caracas - Fort Lauderdale

    Con la presencia de máximas autoridades de diversos sectores nacionales, este viernes fue recibido, con un acto de bautizo, el vuelo inaugural de la aerolínea Dynamic International Airways en la ruta directa entre Fort Lauderdale y Caracas

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  • Hosting Sample- Dynamic Warmup Movements

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    Hosting Sample- Dynamic Warmup Movements


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  • BeamNG Drive - EP 5 - Altitude Speed Run & Big Air Vanster

    Welcome to Camodo Gamings Lets Play BeamNG EP 5 Altitude Speed Run & Big Air Vanster. We are taking on two challenges today. First up is the Altitude Speed Run by monte379. After that we catch some air in the Big Air Vanster challenge. Anyway, if you have any suggestions comment below.\r
    Altitude Big Air: \r
    \r is a realistic, immersive driving game offering near-limitless possibilities. Our soft-body physics engine simulates every component of a vehicle in real time, resulting in realistic, dynamic behavior. \r
    The driving feel is authentic and visceral, and crashes are realistic and violent; yet the physics are accessible enough to drive with a keyboard or gamepad while still being authentic with a full racing wheel with uncompromising realism. \r
    BeamNG: \r
    Follow me on Twitter: \r
    Intro Music:\r
    Derelict Ship by Per Kiilstofte\r
    Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International\r

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  • Abla Almería

    Conoce la geografía española, con imágenes y explicaciones. Abla, un pueblo de la Alpujarra situado en Almería (Andalucía). Un paseo por sus calles, monumentos y un poco de su historia y su estado actual.
    Get to know the Spanish geography, with images and explanations. Abla, a village in the Alpujarra located in Almería (Andalusia). A walk through its streets, monuments and a little of its history and its current state.

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  • Nursery Rhymes Songs for Kids and Children - Preschool baby songs - Games for kids

    Nursery Rhymes Songs for Kids and Children - Storybook Rhymes by Fisher Price\r
    I rate this game 9/10 -perfect for the initial education of the child\r
    Subscribe Our Channel - \r
    Read and sing along to baby?s favorite nursery rhymes!\r
    Read and sing along to babys favorite nursery rhymes! This interive app encourages early learning with dynamic charers, engaging music, sung songs, animations and two great classic stories: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe and Itsy Bitsy Spider. \r
    - Two classic nursery rhyme stories:\r
    - One, Two, Buckle My Shoe\r
    - Itsy Bitsy Spider\r
    Two modes of play that grow with babys development:\r
    - Sing to Me _ For the younger baby, the narrator sings the stories and any touch advances the content\r
    - Read & Learn _ For the older baby, the narrator reads the stories and the interive touch points reveal additional animated content\r
    - Tap the screen to inter with surprise animations \r
    - Hear engaging music and sung songs for your baby\r
    - Personalized book plate for your baby\r
    Customizable Options:\r
    - Turn background music on/off\r
    - Turn narrator voice on/off\r
    - Auto Play - will automatically “turn the page” to advance content for baby\r
    Download THIS game here \r
    #gamesforkids #learninggame #kidslearningapps #rhymesforchildren #preschoolsongs

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  • Se incendió un avión en Miami y siete pasajeros resultaron heridos

    MIAMI (EE.UU.).- Al menos siete personas resultaron hoy heridas al incendiarse uno de los motores de un avión de la compañía estadounidense Dynamic Airways que se disponía a despegar rumbo a Caracas desde del aeropuerto internacional de Fort Lauderdale, al norte de Miami, informaron los bomberos.

    El avión, un Boeing 767-300 ER, con capacidad para transportar entre 181 y 290 pasajeros, tenía previsto despegar con destino a la capital venezolana a las 12.30 hora local, pero una de sus turbinas se incendió, según confirmaron portavoces del aeropuerto.

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  • Studio recording

    Two little mice have infiltrated a well-known movie studio located in the capital of the country "Cinearte"

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  • True Streets Of Crime City 3D - Android Gameplay HD

    Players will embark on a spectacular crime spree, start stealing cars, collect and drop of these different packages. Find your way through the downtown area of this big crime city, enjoy the dynamic environment and adapt your driving accordingly. Set in a fully realized authentic City. Can you survive the dangers of the criminal underworld in this fun open world game. You perform a wide variety of criminal ivities, ranging from car heists to delivering packages without having a address on them.\r
    Assume the role of a small criminal that starts out his criminal career in this town. In True Streets Of Crime City 3D earning money is the biggest part of the game. With the money earned you can buy new cars to drive around with. Customize these cars from the front to the back. The game featuring a enon ion adventure gameplay. True Streets Of Crime City 3D offers gamers countless missions to earn money with. The game has now brutal violence and that makes it a crime game for everyone.\r
    The City feels like an open world, that is full of different missions and quests for you to take on. This game is not only a crime game, but also a real driving simulation game. The game isnt a level by level game no the game offers a massive amount of missions. That make sure you as a small criminal in this crime city can become richer and richer. The mechanics of True Streets Of Crime City 3D feel like a basic third person shooter. Like in that genre of 3D ion games you see the players charer visible on-screen.\r
    True Streets Of Crime City 3D game features:\r
    Start building up your garage as you expand the collection of cars. \r
    You can steal all kind of different vehicles in the epic looking crime game\r
    Steal, Sell and buy cars, upgrade these into the vehicle you want to have\r
    Super simple and easy controls and super advanced real physics engine.\r
    Download link -

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  • Ultimate 20 Minute Full Body Workout for Kids

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    Best itunes App for boxing \r
    Here is a 20 min Workout that is perfect for kids and adults to do together. It involves a dynamic warm up, cardio and body weight strength exercises.\r
    Please watch: Fitness and Boxing. DRIP 20 Boxing and Conditioning workout. Session 1 \r

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  • Injustice 2 Gameplay #90 - BvS Superman Pack Opening/Unboxing

    In this video we purchase and unpack/unbox the Batman verses Superman Superman Pack that includes the BvS Superman. We also go over the charer and what you will receive as well as battle with the charer in Injustice 2.\r
    Enter the Universe of Injustice 2 and guide your stable of Super Heroes and Villains to victory. Expanding on the hit game Injustice: Gods Among Us, Injustice 2 delivers brand new charers, tons of exciting new modes and the look and fighting style that NetherRealm Studios is known for. Leverage the all new Gear System to build and progress your roster like never before – then enter the arena and prove your mettle in blockbuster 3-on-3 fighting ion.\r
    With more ways to build, level up and progress your roster of charers, Injustice 2 is the RPG/Card Collector youve been waiting for. Level Up with a combination Level and Star Rating system, and collect charer shards to increase your star level. Unlock new Talents along the way and collect unique Gear for every Charer. The Gear System provides new looks for your charer, as well as bonuses to your health, abilities and strength. Combined, these upgrades allow you to develop the strongest fighters ever.\r
    Injustice 2 is a massive leap forward in every way possible. The dynamic fighting mechanics allow you to jump, duck, shoot projectiles and unleash the powerful Super Moves that define Injustice combat. And all of this is presented with the best visuals youll see on mobile. Experience the iconic charers of DC as seen through the lens of the Injustice Universe.\r
    Enter the fray in numerous ways. Engage in 3-on-3 fights as a single player, or battle the world in asynchronous PvP mode. Fight, Level Up and Win.\r
    Leave a like, it really helps ;) Thank you!\r
    WB Show Merchandise\r
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  • Dynamic Work - Show Me (Club Mix) (A)

    Dynamic Work ‎- Show Me
    Sello:No Limits ‎
    Written By Dynamic Work

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  • Human Error #3 - BeamNG Drive Crashes & Fails Compilation

    No Real Vehicles or People were harmed in the making of this film.\r
    Offering more BeamNG Drive content! Featuring Insane Crashes, Realistic Crashes, High Speed Crashes, Massive Crashes, Plane Crashes, CCTV Crashes, Car Crushing, Cops Vs Robbers, Cinematics and Rock Slides! I create BeamNG Crash Test and use unique mods for the game. If you enjoy my video please drop a like make a comment and share with your friends as this helps keep me going, Thank you.\r
    ----------GAME INFO:------------\r
    - A realistic, immersive driving game offering near-limitless possibilities. Our soft-body physics engine simulates every component of a vehicle in real time, resulting in realistic, dynamic behavior. \r
    1. Muzzy & Droptek - Warhead\r
    2. Muzzy - Children of Hell

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  • Ayat Shaikh - Blind Audition - Episode 1 - July 23, 2016 - The Voice India Kids

    Ayat Shaikh creates magic through her voice and the judges are left mesmerised. Watch her entire performance here.\r
    Watch full s of The Voice India Kids on \r
    &TV presents the biggest platform for kids to showcase their vocal talent to the nation! The channel is all set to redefine weekends with the most dynamic singing reality show Patanjali Herbal Powervita presents The Voice India Kids powered by Surf Excel, starting July 23, every Saturday and Sunday at 9.00 pm. Taking on the mantle of mentoring this battalion of aspiring young singers are ace music composer-singer Shekhar Ravjiani; the most charming and effervescent singer Shaan and the versatile singer and performer Neeti Mohan. It will be interesting to watch these little wonders, however little in size, make heads turn with the power of their Voice! Popular or Jay Bhanushali and singer-comedian Sugandha Mishra will be seen as hosts of the show. From the house of Talpa Media and produced by Endemol Shine India, the kids format will see participants from across the country in the age group of 6 - 14 years serenade one and all throughout Blinds, Battles and LIVE. The Voice is the purest form of singing reality show where the contestants are chosen solely on the basis of their voice and not appearance.

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  • Pattaya hotel - Amazing cheap place with girls

    Hotel prices and booking \r
    Nice cheap hotel in the heart of Pattaya nightlife - Soi LK Metro. New and modern rooms is located above aGogo bar Crystal. \r
    The quality of the rooms surprised me. Best value for money: starts from 18$.\r
    This review is independent.\r
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    You can find my PayPal on the chanel info (section About).\r
    This will help me upgrade cameras, explore and show more nice places and guest friendly hotels.\r
    Subscribe for new video from Thailand: Pattaya, Bangkok and islands \r
    bl00dwave - Human by business casual is licensed under a Creative Commons License.\r
    VHSailing Rally by Riverwave 川の波 is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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  • SUPER FALLING FRED (iPhone Gameplay Video)

    Lonnie plays Super Falling Fred - Part 1 (iPhone Gameplay Video)\r
    This is part 1 of my video game commentary playthrough / walkthroughof Lets play Super Falling Fred for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and any other iOS devices.\r
    In this , not just your average, falling fred.\r
    -----All My Links!\r
    Main Channel » \r
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    Outro music » \r
    More info about the Super Falling Fred game app:\r
    The Master of Concussions is back for more!\r
    Come along Freds latest and most vertical adventure yet -- from sky-high to the fiery depths of the earth. Upgrade your charers skills, discover amazing power-ups and smash a new host of annoying charers.\r
    ★ Zoom past dozens of new ridiculously dangerous traps.\r
    ★ Dynamic music track that follows the ion!\r
    ★ Upgradeable skills.\r
    ★ Physics-controlled charers.\r
    ★ Challenge and beat your friends.\r
    Super Falling Fred is an UNIVERSAL APP optimized for retina display!\r
    ( Description via iTunes store / )\r
    Thanks for watching my Super Falling Fred - Part 1 iPhone gameplay video! ^_^

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  • Dynamic Queens r Hosting An Online Party

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    Dynamic Queens r Hosting An Online Party


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  • How about a Lynx FC beach ball... great fun for the kids and adults alike. Available at the Gibraltar Football Association Store located at 62-64 Irish Town.

    How about a Lynx FC beach ball... great fun for the kids and adults alike.

    Available at the Gibraltar Football Association Store located at 62-64 Irish Town.

    #beachball #beach #seaside #summer #gibraltar #rockofgibraltar #lynx

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  • Dead Trigger 2 - Walkthrough - Part 6 - Communication Center

    Dead Trigger 2 - Walkthrough - Part 6 - Communication Center\r
    Dead Trigger 2 By MADFINGER Games, a.s.\r
    Get the latest news, deals, Game updates, Walkthroughs,Gameplays and More.\r
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    Join the new sequel to Dead Trigger, the popular hit with more than 23M downloads!\r
    Download Dead Trigger 2 for FREE and enter a world where humanity is engaged in the ultimate battle for survival in the face of a global Zombie apocalypse.\r
    Find a safe place to hide-out, get equipped, and fight for your life in a real time bid for survival against an onslaught of bloodthirsty undead. Join the Global Resistance and fight to crush the Zombie plague that has positioned the Earth on the edge of peril. Its up to you to provide humanity with a new chance at survival.\r
    Choose between a touch control scheme created especially for casual players or an enhanced virtual joystick.\r
    Prefer console gaming? Then go ahead and use a fully supported gamepad.\r
    Youll be dazzled by cutting-edge graphics, including real time water reflections, dynamic vegetation and enhanced ragdolls. \r
    Explore various locations and slaughter the undead in eerie alleyways, abandoned mines or the African desert.\r
    You are not alone. \r
    Take part in the Global Resistance, tune in to radio station to stay informed as the global gameplay develops, directly influenced by the participation of every single player. \r
    Enjoy different types of missions such as story missions, global missions or side-quests.\r
    Explore your personal hide-out and encounter the Gunsmith, Medic, Scientist, Smuggler and Engineer, NPCs who will help you unlock incredible new weapons and gadgets.\r
    Forget easy-to-kill Zombies. Get ready for Kamikaze, Vomitron and other bosses -- powerful Zombies with an inventive approach to elimination.\r
    Create and upgrade your own impressive stockpile of weapons. \r
    Our favorite ones? Grenade Chickens, Rocket Chickens and machine-gun mounted Chickens. Bet youre gonna love them.

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  • Police Car Driving Offroad - Best Android Gameplay HD

    For more NEW android games new GAMEPLAYS, GO: ____________________________________________________________ \r
    Police Car Driving Offroad\r
    Take control of 9 police cars (SUV and 4x4) in a huge forest and mountain environment : 16 km² area, 30 km of roads !\r
    Accomplish a lot of variety of missions to become a good cop.\r
    !! Police Car Driving Offroad contains 20 levels !!\r
    Make your choice between city cars, offroad cars, and speed cars.\r
    The system of missions is based on GTA : drive on the map and find one of the 20 spots to launch a mission.\r
    Use the helpful mini map to know where the missions spots are.\r
    The map is very huge, and contains a lot of point of interest. \r
    Like a cascade and a lake, a Japanese temple, a small airport, different houses and farms, ruins, a camping place, and more. \r
    The road system are also very dense, from 2x2 lanes, to very small road of montains, with hill climb.\r
    Example of missions :\r
    - Help the victims after a car accident\r
    - Chase and arrest the cars for speeding\r
    - Follow and train to keep up with police copter with your 4x4\r
    - Protect and escort the president\r
    - Stop and catch all the gangsters with your SUV\r
    - Protect your terrain from wolves\r
    - Drive quickly without hitting the boars\r
    - Finish the course as fast as possible\r
    Features :\r
    - Huge open world, filled with wide open roads, mountains and forests\r
    - Realistic driving simulator\r
    - Realistic physics\r
    - High quality 4x4 vehicles\r
    - Dynamic camera angles\r
    - Easy to play driving controls, use touch, wheel and tilt controls!\r
    _________________________________________________________ \r
    Download link -

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  • [TUTORIAL] How to make Fancy TEXT in Photoshop - Blending Options and Layer Styles

    I am no longer uploading on this channel. All of my new uploads are Motion-Graphic Design based and on my design channel: \r
    Learn How to Get More Views on YouTube By Making Professional Thumbnails: \r
    Tutorial Description: Hello guys and guyettes and welcome to another tutorial. In this tutorial I show you all how to use the program Photoshop to make cool looking text that will look good in thumbnails, banners, profile pictures and even wallpapers! Whatever your mind can come up with! With all that out of the way, here is what we do in Photoshop: \r
    To start out with, I like to add a nice stroke to the outside of the text, from there I generally add a drop shadow. To add dimension to the text, I also add a gradient. Next, an inner shadow is usually added to give a dynamic feel to the gradient, and then some depth is added with a Shadow or perspective extrusion. \r
    Get an Intro/Banner from Me! \r
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    Outro Music: Skyline by Audioscribe\r
    Special thanks to YOU for watching and reading the Description! :3

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  • Cuando vayas al Perú- Canción a Trujillo - Elder Lázaro Villacorta

    When you go to Peru you have to visit Trujillo (Composed by Elder Lázaro Villacorta).
    Trujillo is the second city of Peru it is located 570 kms up north from Lima. The trip takes 9 hours by bus or 45 minutes by plane. Trujillo has an estimated population of 1 million people and many touristic attractions such as Chan Chan, Huaca de la Luna, Huanchaco and many others. You have to try its delicious food (cebiche, cabrito, shambar). Every January the National Marinera contest is held in Trujillo. Marinera is a folk dance of Peru that is danced the most in the Northern Coast.

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  • Luxury Parking Mercedes Benz G63 - Best Android Gameplay HD2

    For more NEW android games new GAMEPLAYS, GO: ____________________________________________________________ \r
    Parking simulator for luxury 4x4 SUVs.\r
    Your task is to park your car at the parking lot as soon as possible, before the space is occupied by someone else.\r
    Show all your driving skills and pass level after level, trying new vehicles and honing your expertise.\r
    Modern graphics, realistic behavior of the vehicle, view from the cabin and lots of exciting levels with interesting tasks await you.\r
    ***GAME FEATURES ***\r
    - This exciting and dynamic game is sure to bring you hours of fun.\r
    - Multi-player capability.\r
    - Great HD graphics.\r
    - Many exciting levels.\r
    - Choice of vehicle and the ease of driving.\r
    - Many camera settings for easy parking.\r
    - View from the drivers seat.\r
    1. To play with friends, you need a constant Internet connection(online).\r
    2. For best results, choose the type of control most convenient for you.\r
    3. Perform tasks carefully and be precise.\r
    4. Switch the camera views to achieve the best perpective. \r
    Download and play OPPANA GAMES! And have a blast!\r
    Check for updates, write reviews and comments in our social network groups:\r
    _________________________________________________________ \r
    Download link -

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  • Back to circus training after 4 years, beginners aerial fabrics, basic workout 02

    Basic workout, aerial fabrics beginners. Back to circus training after 4 years of just teaching circus, this video is to record my progress in coming back to circus training to compare it with my future and past training a videos, acrobatics basic postures

    Strength and good training in circus and acrobatic skills will give great results in the rapid learning of these abilities.
    Muscular strength:

    Muscle strength is one of the physical capacities, and represents the neuromuscular ability to overcome an external or internal resistance thanks to muscle contraction, either static (isometric) or dynamic (isotonic strength).
    Skeletal muscles perform two actions: contraction and relaxation. When the muscle is stimulated by a motor pulse, it contracts.
    Concentric: (from the Latin "concentrum", which has a common center). It refers to contractions in which the length of muscles shorten
    Eccentric or negative contraction: refers to the opposite of the process of concentric contraction, returning the muscles to the original point of the game.
    Isometric or static: refers to the type of contraction in which the muscle develops a tension without changing its length ("iso" equal, and "meter" = unit of measurement).
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    #circus #circuslife #circusyoutuber #aerialsilks #acrobatics #juggling #aerialist #handstand #cirquedusoleil #crossfit #fitness #calisthenics #polefitness #dance #performingarts

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  • Shenzhen (China) Street Food Compilation

    A compilation of street food one can eat in Shenzhen, China. \r
    Featuring: Pork Knuckles, Peking Duck Wraps, Beef Wrap, Sizzling Skewered Squid (or Dancing squid on a stick, named for the style of cooking), Pig Brain, Xian Style Noodles, Oyster Omelette, and Mutton Legs.\r
    Shenzhen (深圳) is a major city in Guangdong Province, located right outside of Hong Kong. Being a financial center in southern China, the city attrs many people from all regions of China. And with the people, come flavors from home. The variety of street food found in Shenzhen is enormous.

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  • Versiones encontradas sobre incendio de avión de Dynamic Airways levantan sospechas

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    Avanza la investigación para determinar las causas que pudieron originar el incendio de un avión de pasajeros de la compañía Dynamic Airways, hecho ocurrido este jueves, en el aeropuerto de Fort Lauderdale, al norte de la ciudad de Miami.

    El avión un modelo Boeing 767 300ER, que transportaba a 101 personas, incluida la tripulación, tenía previsto despegar con destino la capital de Venezuela, pero los planes cambiaron estrepitosamente al incendiarse la turbina izquierda turbinas, según portavoces del aeropuerto.

    La investigación comenzó el mismo jueves 29 de octubre, a cargo de las autoridades aeroportuarias, y este viernes continúan las entrevistas a miembros de la tripulación y pasajeros, porque hay varios incidentes que causan inquietud.

    La versión que dio un piloto, de otra aeronave, fue que el aparato estaba regando gasolina mientras carreteaba una de las pistas del aeropuerto, esto ocurrió minutos antes que la turbina ardiera.

    Por su parte, los pasajeros coinciden en señalar que antes, durante y después de la emergencia, ni el piloto, ni ningún otro miembro de la tripulación les dio indicaciones de qué hacer. Una de las puertas de emergencia fue abierta por uno de los propios pasajeros y por allí empezó la evacuación.

    Redacción NTN24

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    Become a hero with K.O. and use super radical moves to battle the evil Lord Boxman in OK, K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo!\r
    Lord Boxman will do anything to destroy Lakewood Plaza. But you cant let that happen! Learn new fighting moves, unlock special attacks and use powerful items to stop his army of evil robots. Become the hero you always knew you could be, and send that bum packing!\r
    Get to know all the dynamic denizens of Lakewood Plaza! Hang out with coworkers Radicles and Enid. Help your boisterous boss, Mr. Gar, rebuild the Plaza. Learn incredible new fighting techniques from your mom, Carol. Help out other crazy charers like Ted Viking, Brandon, Red Action, A Real Magic Skeleton and lots more!\r
    Look for hidden secrets and battle a whole mess of bad guys as you adventure throughout Lakewood Plaza and the surrounding lands.\r
    Use power punches, killer kicks and stunning super moves to save the Plaza in OK, K.O.! LAKEWOOD PLAZA TURBO!\r
    iTunes link:

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  • Darkness Reborn (By GAMEVIL Inc.) - iOS / Android - Gameplay Video

    Shatter the darkness!\r
    A world swallowed by chaos and pandemonium. A knight cursed by a dragons evil. Become a warrior and face the wrath of the Cursed Knight.\r
    Journey into the darkness, band together with friends, and conquer the Rift Bosses.\r
    Create the ultimate warrior, dominate dynamic PvP battles, and compete against other guilds.\r
    • Defeat other players in live 3 v 3 combat and climb the ranks \r
    • Team up with friends and raid the World Boss in parties of up to 6\r
    • Delve into dungeons together with your allies\r
    • Customize your hero with thousands of items\r
    • Challenge yourself with hundreds of achievements\r
    • Instantly boost your power and speed with RAGE!\r
    Discover the sequel of one of GAMEVILs critically acclaimed MORPG.\r
    *Darkness Reborn can read cont information on your mobile device for adding in-game friends. Your information will be used only for adding in-game friends. All information will be encrypted and remain private.\r
    Terms of Service: \r
    Privacy Policy: \r
    App Store Link:

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  • Guild Wars 2 Zhaitan Guide - Get Dynamic With Dynamic Events in Guild Wars 2

    Go To The Link Below To Download

    Guild Wars 2 Zhaitan Guide - Get Dynamic With Dynamic Events in Guild Wars 2


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  • Z7 Imp Domination!! - Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Beta Gameplay - Episode 10

    Welcome to the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Beta! In this short Lets Play Playthrough of the Garden Warfare 2 beta, we will be playing all it has to offer. From the intense backyard battlegrounds, to the familiar Gardens and Graveyards. There will be SO much to enjoy, so join me as we experience all of it!\r
    Want more? Check out the playlist! \r
    Show your Zebratastic support by liking, commenting, and sharing this video if you enjoyed it! Your love and support is appreciated and really does go a long way with helping the channel grow and prosper. :)\r
    In Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Beta Part 10, we try out the Z7 Imp variant an his intimidating Z-7 Mech! We absolutely destroy the competition, gaining ourselves a nice Top Performer in a game of gardens and Graveyards. \r
    Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is an online multiplayer shooter game available for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One where you can play as either the Plants or Zombies in a variety of game modes. With plenty of stickers, costumes, hats, and classes to play there is much to show off!\r
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    More Zebratastic videos on my bonus channel! \r
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    More information about the Garden Warfare 2 Beta:\r
    Join the battle for Suburbia in the Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 public access multiplayer beta on Xbox One and Playstation 4, starting January 14 and ending January 18! Experience exciting new modes, hilarious new charers, and Backyard Battleground - an all-new dynamic environment that connects you to every map and mode, and brings to life more ways to experience the PvZ universe.

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